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About Travis Bryant

Oh why hello there! You seem busy so let's jump straight into it. My name is Travis Bryant and I won t be writing in the third person today. Just seems unnecessary to imagine some fictional character between us and I'm in the mood to chat. Personally, I'm a gamer, I'm a crafter, I'm a geek. I've designed board games, I've hosted tournaments, and I've chased what I love to do. I believe when your strengths meet your passion you can achieve something special and when I see people doing what they love I get inspired. Professionally, I'm a Realtor in Salt Lake City. I m here to assist you in buying, selling and investing in real estate. I have a humble background of mechanics, construction and customer service. My goal is to find sound homes to invest in and re-imagine. Analyzing rehab costs to revenue potential, I hope to show you how much power you have in your home. That's not to be taken lightly and now that I've joined EXIT Realty Plus I have everything I need to help you in every step of this process.